Friday, April 18, 2014


The STAAR Math and Reading test are next week...
Tuesday the 22nd my babies (students) will show everything they know and ROCK that test...

In preparation, we reviewed skills and strategies this week. On Monday, we did a rotating review. There were 1-3 questions at each desk (depending on difficulty) and students rotated around answering each.  My kiddos ROCKED OUT and answered over 40 questions withing a 1 hour and 45 minute time period... And it was so fun they didn't even REALIZE or COMPLAIN! Teacher win!!

On Tuesday, I told my kids I wanted to give them a present for their hard work... iPADS! Of course they were stoked, until I handed them out PAPER instead of an ELECTRONIC.... There was laughing/ "Awwww man"s and "you tricked us", but once they saw they were making their OWN iPads they started to dig the activity. I picked out 20 KEY math strategies that I thought the kiddos needed to review OR strategies that applied to a large majority of the test. We looked at the breakdown of Readiness/ Supporting standards (TEXAS STAAR) and how many questions they would probably have on each skill (my awesome math partner made the breakdown - love her).

Reviewing these standards and practicing our strategies accomplished SO many things:
- I was able to check that my kids had their strategies down
- The kids saw how many questions came from each skill
- The kids were able to see that the test is NOT that scary
- They had an awesome reference we used all week

I even had the kids help make a large iUseStrategies board display so while the the kids were refering to their iPads, I could refer to mine.

Basically, the iUseStrategies iPad ROCKED my classroom. And I want it to do the same for yours. So I've made it a freebie in my TPT store! GO GET YOURS NOW!


Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've think I've said it before but... I LOVE TEACHING GEOMETRY. Do you? I think it's so visual and can be so hands on. I really dig it. I try to excite my kids about it too, because you know what I don't love? 10TH GRADE Geometry... I remember it like it was yesterday... However, the only thing I remember about it is that it was awful and I sat by my best friend. That's how I survivedPlease don't ask what I learned...

I'm positive the reason I love teaching math so much is because I struggled in math. I want to make things FUN for my kids, help them LEARN and LOVE math. Not hate it like I do... I mean DID! :)

Back to Geometry.

I've put together all the fantastic activities I do in my classroom to teach Transformations to my students into one pack.

The pack includes note taking with hands-on examples, a hands-on activity using FOOD (yum), a song to get your kids up and moving, AND a game! They will be TRANSORMATION experts when you're done with this pack!! 

Want a copy? Just click this link ---> KATIE TEXAS <--- to be taken to my Teachers-Pay-Teachers store! 

**WANT A FREE COPY??? (You know you do!!) Here's how you can get one: 
- Pin this activity pack to pinterest (put the link in the comments below)
- Become a new follower (if you aren't one already) 
- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE blog about this pack and include a link to my blog and pack! (If you do this one, I'll throw in my MATH JOURNALS BASIC-SET up for free as well! YAY!)

Here are two more FREEBIES in my TPT store that you can get with no-strings attached :)

These Classroom Schedule Headers are FREE for you to enjoy!! I've made a set for Early Childhood-Elementary (that includes pictures) and a set for Secondary-Highschool (that includes subject headers and 1st-10th period). Both sets comes have clocks on each header so you can let students know what and when things are happening. ENJOY!  

Happy Teaching!

It's already April??

Can't believe it's already April!! Time, as usual, as flown by. And I have done everything but BLOG!! I'm much better about posting to INSTAGRAM and pinning my life away on PINTEREST
Please follow me! I'm "Katie Texas"on both. Or just click the links above to find me. I post/pin tons of teaching stuff because it's my PASSION and I LOVE IT! 

Anyway, here's a quick picture post recap of the last 3 months....

Here's a little bit of Februrary... 

On Valentine's Day, my students had a BLAST using Miss Britnee's Heart-y Estimations worksheet!

And a little bit of March... 

My students learned about 3-D shapes and their attributes as well as a TON of other geometry concepts.

I went to the Rodeo and ACTUALLY WORE COWBOY BOOTS! (me on the left, my sister on the right)

And our district paid for a FABULOUS and FUN Writing Review with Erik Cork

And finally, April! 

We review Geometry by having FUN!!!
I won my first GRANT! 

My oldest son turned 14!

And Saturday STAAR Camp was a blast! Especially when you pair learning with a RELAY and you move everything out into the hall. Gotta keep things fresh and fun! 

My students have been working their TAILS off, and I am so impressed by how much they know. I gave last year's released STAAR test to my kids and was so happy to see how well they all did. I'm so proud of my ROCKSTARS! 

I have to give credit where credit is due - God has blessed me so much!! HE inspires me with teaching ideas, HE guides me and HE blesses me with patience each day! Thank you, Lord!! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fractions... Decimals... Number Lines... Snow Day?

Today is a "Snow Day" for my district... I'm in a coastal town in Southern Texas... We don't get snow. So today is a WASTE OF A TEACHING DAY!

I know, I know, I should be thankful for a paid day off in the middle of the week... But I LOVE to teach. I LOVE my students. I LOVE my school.... So I WANT TO BE TEACHING! Not to mention, because of district benchmarks, holidays and a random late-start weather day last week, I haven't been able to get in a full week of teaching since before Christmas! Ugh!

Since I'm home today, I've looked at Benchmark data (lame to some but so interesting to me), worked on RTI ideas and paperwork and most importantly, made a new TPT product - Rockin' Number Lines!!

I'm super excited about this product... I decided to make it because I have a handful of students still not understanding numberlines. The majority of my classes get it, so I want a quick, fun way to review with them. Have you ever heard of Quiz-Quiz-Trade? It's a Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategy that ROCKS.

Here's how it works:
- Each student gets a card and holds it in their hand all sneaky like (since the answers are on the back)
- Students find a partner and take turns quizing each other, then they trade cards and find a new partner to quiz
- For this set of cards, the students will need to see the number line and identify the point as a decimal or fraction (the set contains halves, thirds, fourths and fifths)

What's awesome about this is the students are constantly getting new questions to answer AND ask... So if you use this as a 5-10 minute activity, they've been exposed to numerous questions and answers AND they've had the opportunity to teach their classmates AND if they miss a "quiz", that card becomes theres to ask so they're exposed to the question again AND, AND, AND... the list could go on and on. But to sum it up, Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a fabulous activity and KAGAN is genius.

ADDED BONUS: Once you're done using the task cards, throw them in a center. If you purchase my set of DVD Games for Centers or Stations, there's always a math game ready for the kiddos to play - grab some task cards, grab a DVD case and BAM! Instant game time. My students LOOOOVE these.

Hope you can get some use out of these Task Cards! Stay warm peeps!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 for ME Linky Party

Today I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for a "1 for Me" resolution of sorts.

Last New Year, I decided I'd eat better. 


Didn't happen. 

This year, I'm deciding to WORK ON MY STRESS LEVEL. I have all sorts of awesome aches and issues because of stress.... I have neck, shoulder and back issues. I've seen doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. I grind my teeth at night, which also led to jaw issues. I don't really think my body knows how to "relax"because I'm constantly tense. To sum it u, I'm a giant ball of STRESS MESS. So this year, I'm going to find ways to relieve stress. I'm going to start with yoga. I LOVE YOGA. A few years ago when I actually did exercise, yoga was my favorite activity. I remember how my body would hum after a yoga sessions - every muscle was used, stretched and relaxed. I need that back in my life! So my "1 for me" is RELAXATION through YOGA! Yay!  

Happy 2014 my friends! Don't forget about my fantastic TPT sale that starts today and runs through Jan. 4! Just click HERE to go to my store! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

November... December... and Hello 2014!

I have really been lame about the updating- Sorry! Here's a quick run through of what my holiday season at home and school has looked like... (PICTURE HEAVY!)

I had SO much fun with Elf on the Shelf this year...
Our Elf, who we named Jingle Jack, came bearing gifts and treats. It was great fun!

But then we has some behavior issues....

Our beloved "JJ" did return a few days later, however he was touched one day by a student (thankfully the Dept. of Elf Surveillance sent magic dust to restore his health) and I basically became too busy to snap pics of his cuteness... 

Anyway, we had ugly Christmas Sweater Day at school. Check out this ugliness!

I did not get my fill of ugly sweaters, however, so we threw an Ugly Sweater Holiday party at our casa!
We had an Ugly Sweater Contest, Christmas Trivia, a Hot Chocolate Bar, and a photo area complete with props! GREAT FUN!

That was not all of the festive dress up... We and a few friends of ours participated in our town's annual "Santa's Night Out" where it's common to dress up like Santa. Since we like to be different, we chose to dress like snow-women!

My boys and I decorated a TON of homemade Christmas Cookies (my oldest made a gingerbread poop cookie) and I've been eating them for days now... Perfect companion for my coffee!

 And just yesterday, my baby boy turned 11!!!!! His birthday was a lot of fun. He is truly and angel - both my boys are. I am so blessed!!

Now that all these fabulous festivities are over, I'm going to sit back, relax and enjoy the start of a New Year... And by "sit back" and "relax", I mean redo our bedroom. :)

To celebrate the upcoming year, I'm hosting a sale in my TPT store!! I'm offering 20% off my Rockin' Math Journals and Rockin' Math Journals Basic Set Up! Plus, the first 5 to puchase (according to my TPT sales log) will get an Area and Perimeter Zoo pack for FREE! Be sure to visit my store Jan. 1 - 4 to start your 2014 math instruction off with a BANG!

<3 Katie

Saturday, November 9, 2013


A few posts ago, I posted about my Pumpkin Math packet, sold in my TPT store.

The day before Halloween, this AWESOME, AWESOME Pumpkin Math day happened. The kids were UBER engaged, and we covered SO many math and science topics I had planned *AND* that I hadn't planned. Everything came together so wonderfully it was mind blowing. Truly an awesome day, and I thank God for giving me the idea for this! I will do this year after year. Seriously, look at these pics!! I just wish you could see their sweet smiles!

Let me just run through the topics covered within the hour it takes to complete this activity: estimation, weight, mass, expanded notation, adding with decimals, distance, circumference, radius, height, conversions, buoyancy, parts of the scientific process... I'm sure there's more but that's what I can remember for now. After we completed all of our awesome math and science activities, I read How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara (which told us why some pumpkins weigh more than others even though they may look small AND what the lines on a pumpkin tell us) and we cut into our pumpkins and harvested the seeds. The whole day was amazing and completely hands on.

Thank you Lord for pumpkins and a successful and engaged learning day!!

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